Saturday, January 8, 2011

Founders' Day Message 2011

Founder Stella George Stern Perry once wrote, “That which makes our bond is
promise certain of success. Let us follow our ensign devotedly, utterly and bravely.
For our purpose cannot fail.”

Our Founders were musicians, writers, educators and philanthropists. Four very
different women who had a common purpose and bond that was important enough
to share and grow. It was a friendship deeper than the time spent at Barnard College
and something that they wanted to last forever.

We believe that the Founders envisioned lofty goals for us and today we hope that
they would be proud of our accomplishments and success as individual women and
as an international organization. We are women of achievement who have a heart
for service and we love the instant connection that only comes with membership in
Alpha Omicron Pi. We have become the friends upon whom you have no fear to call.
We listen, we share, we give, we care, we go, we laugh, we cry and we love.

We are confident that what Stella, Bess, Jessie and Helen envisioned for AOIIs
throughout the years was that our lives would be better through the friendships and
bonds we have with each other. What an incredible thing it is that 113 years and
many generations later, their dream is still being realized whenever AOIIs pledge to
each other, delight in the recognition of a new friend and sister, or are comforted by a
hug or a phone call. They would be proud to see us realize that our friendship is our

Our bond is lasting, our bond is true, our bond is sisterhood and love in Alpha
Omicron Pi and it’s ours forever.

Fraternally with love,
The 2009-2011 Executive Board
Barb Zipperian
Karen Galehan
Susan Danko
Krista Whipple
Linda Grandolfo
Allison Allgier
Rebecca Herman
Gayle Fitzpatrick
Kathy Jensen

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