Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another great year!

Our newsletters have just been mailed and our first meeting is just a few short weeks away. We are looking forward to another great year. Here is a exert from our recent newsletter....

Greetings to all of our fellow sisters in the Lake County area! The heart of the Lake County Alumnae Chapter is our sisterhood, our ritual and our philanthropy. Our chapter takes pride in the great friendships we develop, the support system we provide and the fun activities we do – all of which enrich our lives.

Whether you’re a returning member, have not yet been involved or are looking to get back involved, we hope you’ll join us for our first meeting in September. Our September meeting marks the kickoff of our year, and is a great chance to see what our chapter is about and reconnect with sisters.

There are numerous ways to get involved. This year we’ll bring back some of our favorite events like our holiday potluck, and girls’ night out. We will also be participating in a scrapbooking party, game night, and AOII trivia! In addition, there are other opportunities to be involved. With the group of sisters in our chapter, there is always the opportunity to participate in community service, lunch/dinner dates, or anything else you could think of. There is something for everyone, and we hope you will join us!

In other news, a few of our sisters attended International Convention in Tampa, Florida this year, where we are pleased to announce that we received the Ruby Award for Standards of Excellence!

We are looking forward to this new year, and hope to see many new faces, as well as our returning members!

Please see our complete schedule of events in this newsletter. We encourage you to contact either of us if you’d like to learn more about our chapter or join us at a meeting


Kristina & Joanne


Lake County IL Alumnae Chapter

If you have not recieved your copy of our newsletter please let us know so we can get one right out to you.

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